Friday, November 21, 2008

Intel launches fastest Processor on the planet

Intel Corporation introduced its most advanced desktop processor ever, Intel Core i7 processor, to Sri Lankan market recently.

The Core i7 processor, sophisticated in its manner, emerged as the first member of a new family of Nehlam processor designs. The processor is known to perform on demand, adding ‘Turbo Boost’ and ‘Hyper-Threading’ Technologies. Also specializing in speed video editing, immersive games and other popular Internet and computer activities by up to 40 percent without increasing power consumption.Expecting to be prized at an approximate rate of Rs.100,000,the latest processor offers unrivaled performance for immersive 3D games over 40 percent faster than previous Intel high-performance processors on both the 3DMark Vantage CPU* physics and AI tests, popular industry computer benchmarks that measure gaming performance.

The Extreme edition uses 8 threads to run games with advanced artificial intelligence and physics to make games act and feel real.The Intel Corei7 processors and Intel X58 Express Chipset-based Intel Desktop.

BoardDX58SO Extreme Series are for sale immediately from several computers
Manufacturers online and in retail stores, as well as a boxed retail product via channel Online sales. Each processor features an 8MB level 3 cache and three channels of DDR3 1066 memory to deliver the best memory performance of any desktop platform. Intel’s top performance processor, the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition, also removes over speed while, providing protection, thereby allowing Intel’s knowledgeable customers or hobbyists to further increase the Chip’s speed With more than just doubling the memory bandwidth of previous Intel ‘Extreme’ platforms, the processor also speeds the transfer of computer bits and bites in and out of the processor with Intel Quickpath Technology, allowing multiple computer threads to run simultaneously. The Corei7 quad-core processor is known to deliver 8-threaded performance, due to its ability in effective multi-tasking.


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