Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Video Gallery

Ok folks I'm damn bored @ Office .Here um gonna put down some Top Class Sri Lankan Videos (According to Taste).

Centigrades - Oba Ekvenavadoo

First like to go on with "Centigrades" Oba ekvenavaado Video.For the past two years i have listened to this song so many times.It has been a really touch ones.Music was awesome.Credit to Thusith & The Centigrades .For my knowledge the plot of this video is like this.A boy dreaming about his Girl (The Angel) & the songs reflects how he dreams & asking several times.Usually its all about dreaming to be in Love. Basically a Pre - Love songs ..LoL. I Loved this song earlier but now i have said good by for this .Anyway still cant get rid of this Touching & Loving Song.

Here z the Video of the Song Enjoy !!

B&S "Sri Lanka Matha"

There were lots of new Music Videos in recent past that show lots of Patriotism towards the Nation.Actually most of the Bands & Artists came up with something for some reason B&S was silent . @ last they came up with a Big project that called "Sri Lanka Matha " the best Video on Patriotism. It was a Huge hit. Excellent work by B&S.


6th Lane - Amma

Another wonderful Video by 6th Lane .Believe me some of these guys have awesome voice.Whole song describe about Mother in sinhala terms "අම්මා". A really meaningful song with a nice Video.

Hasthi - Ginigena Mihithale

Top ranked Sri Lankan Soft Rock band.They hails from Negombo.This video also about Sri Lanka War & It has affected on day @ day life of People.Kudos to Ranil aiya n Friends.Video was greatly done.Excellent

Shihan - Ada Thaniyenma

Another superstar from Sirasa Super Stars.Hails from ma home town. This is the 1st Music Video of him.Was a huge hit @ that time. Plot of the Video of is Lost Love how the boy heal him self.Fantastic one.Love the Background Colors of the Video

"අද තනියෙන් මා...
හඩන්නෙ නෑ මා...
මා දමා ඈ ගියා කියා..."

Daddy - Chandrayan Pidu

One of the best upcoming bands in the Sri Lankan Music Industry Led By Gayan Perera.There debut album "Massina" was a superb hit under Torana Music Label.Songs like "Borukari" "Massina" "SMS" "Chandrayan Pidu" are hit the top spots in Music Charts with in a short Period of time.They Carries out their own musical language all these songs filled with simple lyrics with different kinds of Blends.


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