Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Mobby World

Ok, falks this is going to be a really good Topic in ma Blog.One of the best things that i like to talk about .Mobiles , A common name n big or small everyone knows what is it. Only 2004 i was able to get a Mobile Phone to ma Hand (My Own One ) After that up to now i have used around 06. he he when compairing to this guy um none .. NJ - really a phone guru ..visit his blog for more info about Mobiles .He knows every bit off it(Specially in Nokia N73),that's why i say he is a Guru on this :)

My 1st phone was a Nokia 3310.It's hard as a Rock. Easy to use


2nd One - Noika 2100


Then came the SE K700i


2007 was the time to shift to Nokia again .One of the best User friendly Mobiles that came in to the Market at that time .It was Called "Nokia 6230i". I used to call this phone as my life.


Then it was time for the Nokia "N" Series.Bought a N93i.


I had lots of interest on this Phone but it was there only for few months .It has vanished .Main reason was it's too big.Hard to handle with my day to day activities.But there's something i should tell it was a worth a deal.Then i started to looking for a Tiny little Phone. @ last i ended up with a Samsung SGH-D840.

Samsung SGH-D840

This tiny .Has an eye catching finishing.My first experience with Sliding Phones.Satisfied with its performance up to now.



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