Friday, April 17, 2009

Set backs n Coming Backs !!

As others ma self also eagerly waiting for the New Year Holidays .But for my fortunate i had to take my leaves before it comes .Exactly on 6th April i put leave for 3 days , packed my stuff n went off. I was completely clueless where should i go , what should i do , simply lost everything what i had .That was completely a huge set back of my life.On ma way home i found the place to Go. A place where everyone would like to go these days "N- Eliya" .

I was able to book a bungalow of a tea estate there n had a nice 5 days there .It was full of Fun . I thought living with out Internet will make me crazy ..lolzz thank god it didn't happen ..I was facilitated very well by my friends there. I would say it was the most happening days in life .We had BBQ , Hikes, 4x4 Drive , Boating etc etc n the best thing is one of the dreams of Life came as a reality lolzz ..riding a white horse by own damn i was able to do it at least for few steps ..ha ha n theres the robbing thing @ nights (Veges from paddys) those are some breath taking risks. if we were caught i may not here now probably in jail n counting stars there :P.Oh the everlasting senaries of estate n smiling faces of workers i may never forget. it was a good experience which i never had in ma life up to that date. Being a Catholic i never missed "Big Friday" 3 hour mass ..but i thought this time i may miss it coz i was away from home but thanks 2 Keera i was able 2 go for a church. A small church situated in Havaeliya.

Oh God how can i forgot the Bottles it was also there .A special thanking must go to Diga for finding some fresh 'Wild Pig" meats damn that was a yummmmy . Now 5 days gone 11th saturday night i got a call from my brother asking me to return home because both him n dad going out n only mom was @ home .hmmmm quite a sad moment because we were planning a hell out of N- Eliya .So its time to go back home n say good bye to my friends there.Only thing i missed on that trip is having a bath @ Gregory Lake.

I went to N- eliya with a set back of life .There was only one thing in my mind that when i'm coming back its gonna be a new start n whole new life .Wanted to Enjoy the life the way i wanted @ last i was able to do it. i want say 100% i'm done but more that 85% i was able to do it .but still there are some hickups but i dont fear them or care them with the Gods Blessings i may suceed. Big thanks to my friends every where for putting me back on track. Thank You n Love You All !!

I'm gonna be someone
I'm gonna give something & I'm taking it on..
It's gonna be my life
So I'm gonna new each DAY !!!


SaNDuN on April 17, 2009 at 3:55 PM said...

ela kirizzzzzzz

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