Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sri Lankan Anti-Virus Software (1st Ever)

While having a look at clublk was able to go through .This is something to good to prove that Sri Lankanz can anything. As mdmg mentioned on his post this is the 1st ever Sri Lankan Anti - Virus Software .It's called " Lithium Pen Pal".As a Sri Lankan Really Proud about the achievements of our guys.So take this Opportunity to congratulate each & everyone who involved on this great Project. Kudoz to All!!

Something about the Product.

Lithium Pen Pal is a Co-Antivirus software that is designed to support people in Sri Lanka to who has to wait for virus definitions for a long time until foreign companies create definitions to the Sri Lankan virus pool. Viruses are programs written by software criminals who intend to ruin your day by restarting your PC to stealing your credit card number from your browsers cache. Lithium Pen Pal promises quick updates on virus definitions and the smooth run of your systems. You can use Lithium Pen Pal to defend your PC against computer viruses and other various threats that can make your system slow, unreliable or unusable...

Product Preview - Lithium Pen Pal
Developers - Lithium Coporate Services


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